Banana and Chocolate Wholemeal Muffins


I was once asked by a reader “what is the difference between a cupcake and a muffin?” Embarrassingly, I couldn’t give an answer apart from the obvious visual differences. I then did a little research (basically googled the above question) and discovered that most muffins are made up of wholemeal flour which means there will… 

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Lemon and Ricotta Biscuits

lemon ricotta

Lemon and Ricotta, my new favourite thing! I baked these biscuits for a work thing a while ago. I needed something quick, something that wouldn’t fail but still new enough to keep me challenged. I thought biscuits was the category to explore and these lemon and ricotta caught my eye. Strange because, lemon is my… 

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Bread Baking: Bloomer


Let me show off about the fact that I BAKED BREAD and it tasted like bread and it was the first time that I’ve ever tried it and and and oh it was just so great. I have this friend whose instagram is AMAZING, it isn’t cliched amazing it’s just natural amazing and as i… 

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Spinach, Mushroom and Ricotta Quiche

IMG_7147 copy

My friends and I arranged a small get together a while ago and each of us had to bring something along. Good company is nothing without good food! I decided to go with a quiche, I suggested it and the nods of agreement that were received were a good indication that I should go for it…. 

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I found this post especially inspiring on the tiresome ritual of making resolutions and the pressures to transform yourself into the best version of yourself come the new year. It put things into perspective for me as I think I do fall into the traps of having this absolute need to change my bad habits and… 

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