How to make Masala Dosa


In my mind, masala dosa will forever only be linked to proper grown up food. It’s the size for one thing, much much bigger than the proportions I was familiar with as a child and secondly in a lot of restaurants, you’re required to assemble the dish yourself, fajita style. It all seemed like too… 

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Walnuts, Stilton and Apple Salad


I’ve got a story to share with y’all. I don’t really want to share it but I reckon it will be good for me. I have a feeling I’ll gain a fair bit from sharing it. I’m being 100% selfish here. Okay…here goes. I’ve been told I’m overweight (waaaah). Yes. Overweight. I was told about… 

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Olive Loaf


We have group meetings every week during term time, and with group meetings food is a necessity to keep us fuelled for the 1 hour and a half or so (the reality is, they’re a greedy bunch who are always looking for an excuse to eat) and I, stupidly, always put my name down to… 

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How to make Nanaimo Bars


Wait! wait!  Don’t go yet. I get it, you’ve looked at the recipe and skimmed over what seems like an entire dissertation on the method part and you’re gonna close the window,  decide Nanaimo bars are not worth the hassle. I’ve been there guys, trust me. I did the same thing for like a year… 

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Bake the Perfect Croissants


“How can you tell when kneading is complete?” “What’s the difference between dried active yeast and fast action yeast” “What happens if I’ve used fast action when the recipe called for dried active yeast?” are just a few examples of the avalanche of queries that I have concerning bread baking. Bread baking is where I am… 

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