How to make Nanaimo Bars


Wait! wait!  Don’t go yet. I get it, you’ve looked at the recipe and skimmed over what seems like an entire dissertation on the method part and you’re gonna close the window,  decide Nanaimo bars are not worth the hassle. I’ve been there guys, trust me. I did the same thing for like a year… 

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Bake the Perfect Croissants


“How can you tell when kneading is complete?” “What’s the difference between dried active yeast and fast action yeast” “What happens if I’ve used fast action when the recipe called for dried active yeast?” are just a few examples of the avalanche of queries that I have concerning bread baking. Bread baking is where I am… 

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Perfect Falafels


Falafels are apparently the equivelent to Mcdonalds in the middle east. I find it hard to believe that they fall into the “fast food” category. Firstly, they primarily made up of chickpeas, chickpeas cannot be associated with McDonalds.  Secondly, I can assure you, they’re anything but “fast” to get done.  If you have an authentic… 

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Banana and Chocolate Wholemeal Muffins


I was once asked by a reader “what is the difference between a cupcake and a muffin?” Embarrassingly, I couldn’t give an answer apart from the obvious visual differences. I then did a little research (basically googled the above question) and discovered that most muffins are made up of wholemeal flour which means there will… 

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Lemon and Ricotta Biscuits

lemon ricotta

Lemon and Ricotta, my new favourite thing! I baked these biscuits for a work thing a while ago. I needed something quick, something that wouldn’t fail but still new enough to keep me challenged. I thought biscuits was the category to explore and these lemon and ricotta caught my eye. Strange because, lemon is my… 

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