Pyjama Style


PYJAMA STYLE, otherwise known as the best creation ever known to mankind. Thank you to whoever invented this way of wearing clothes, seriously, THANK YOU. For years now, I have been on the hunt for pyjama style clothes, because who doesn’t want to walk around and feel like they’re in bed all day but everything I came across I was … Read More

LolaPyjama Style

The Pixie Crop


Pixie Crop Chronicles, Part One. I LOVE getting my hair cut, my visits to the hairdresser are ones that I look forward to in the same way that people look forward to their holiday. My slightly over-the-top love of getting my hair cut might stem from the fact that as a child, I was discouraged from getting cutting my hair. Ever. … Read More

LolaThe Pixie Crop

Peanut Butter and Jam Cookies

peanut butter

THE first time I heard about using peanut butter and jam together, I wasn’t appealed by the idea at all, it was as weird as the idea of combining peanut butter with oreos, which I only ever heard on parent trap. p.s i thought it was really bizarre that the British twin was all like “back at home, I eat them … Read More

LolaPeanut Butter and Jam Cookies